How do I submit an application?

Round One application is submitted by visiting www.theorangeseedproject.com.au/apply and filling in the simple electronic form.

If your organisation is selected for Round 2, you’ll be sent further details and be required to submit an application by emailing your application in word format to: enter@theorangeseedproject.com.au

Electronic Submissions to:


What is the gift?

Details on the gift will be coming soon!

The organisation chosen by the judges will be the ‘major gift recipient’.

How do I buy tickets?

Details of The Orange Tie event will be released closer to the date. There will be tickets put aside for representatives from each organisation but due to venue constraints, additional tickets will not be able to be purchased.

How can I view the videos?

Videos can be viewed via The Orange Seed Project website. Follow the instructions on the page to ‘Like’ your favourite video.

What do I need to do to apply?

You will need to submit an initial application. If you are successfully selected for Round 2, you will be required to submit a more comprehensive application.

If you are successful and are selected to be one of the ten finalists, then you will need to prepare a 3 minute video. All finalists will be required to attend the ‘The Orange Tie Event’.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for entry into The Orange Seed Project, an organisation must be:

a registered charity with ATO Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, an ATO Income Tax Exempt Charity (ITEC), and receive minimal, government funding.

a not-for-profit organisation which is charitable at law.

a legal entity such as an incorporated association or corporation.

Western Australian based or with a significant influence within the State.

able to demonstrate a high level of outcomes for its beneficiaries.

able to show how it promotes partnerships between community and the business sector.

able to demonstrate its capacity for meeting ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

I’m a Sports Club – can I apply?

Unfortunately you are unable to apply because you do not meet the eligibility criteria (i and ii) and the organisations actions must not just benefit members.

a not-for-profit organisation which is charitable at law.

a legal entity such as an incorporated association or corporation.

Do I have to make a video?

You will be required to produce a video if you are selected for the final ten.

How big do I have to be to apply?

It does not matter what size you are; small, medium or big, we are not sizeist.

Do I have to have an ABN to apply?


Do we have to be based in WA ?

Yes, the organisation must be based in WA and actions must benefit the WA community.

Do we have to attend the ‘The Orange Tie Event’?

If you are successful at becoming a finalist, a representative from your organisation must attend the ‘The Orange Tie Event’. You will be supplied a limited number of tickets (free of charge) depending on the venue size and capacity.

What is meant by ‘Orange Tie’ ?

Similar to a black tie event, this is an ‘Orange Tie’ event. Guests will be encouraged to wear an orange tie, or an orange item in support of the project. Closer to the event this will be supplied to your organisation for the people attending the event.

Where will the Function be held?

This will be announced shortly. It will be close to the Perth CBD. But where? Well…stay tuned.

How will we find out if we have made the final ten?

You will be contacted on July 20. The final ten will also be announced in The West Australian and via ‘The Orange Seed Project’ website.

Who is Jack in the box?

Jack in the box is a wholistic communication and marketing agency based in the South West of Western Australia. Formed in 2000, Jack in the box was created with a specific mission – to offer a complete wholistic marketing service to professional companies all over Australia.

Jack in the box integrates five facets of marketing: planning, design, advertising, media and digital. Please visit the Jack in the box website (www.thebox.com.au) for further details.

What if I can’t fill in certain parts of the application?

Try to fill it in the best you can. If you are unable to fill it in, please provide an explanation as to how it is not relevant to your organisation. Please remember though, all parts of the application are weighted, missing a section will affect your overall weighting.

Can I post my application in?

No, sorry, all applications are electronic. For Round One, we have developed an online form and Round 2 applications will need to be emailed.

Can I fax it?

No, only electronic applications for 2015… sorry.

Can I deliver my application?

No, sorry, all applications are electronic. For Round One, we have developed an online form and Round 2 applications will need to be emailed.

How many tickets do we get to the function?

You will be supplied with a number of tickets to the function. Details will be released closer to the time. It will be dependant on the venue capacity.

How can we view the video submissions?

The finalist videos will be available for viewing on the website under videos. They will be available from the 24th August.

How do we vote?

There will be instructions available on the video page.

Can I share my video?

Yes. The videos will be placed on the Jack in the box YouTube channel. Like all YouTube videos you are able to copy the link and paste it into where you would like it shared. e.g. facebook. There will be further instructions available on the video page.

How long does the video have to be?

No more than 3 minutes.

We can’t afford to make a video?

Camcord, hand held productions will suffice. We are aware extravagant productions may not be possible. Please see the video page for further details. You can also visit the archive video page from 2014 to see what has been submitted previously. Videos are important obviously and we encourage yours to be the very best it can be as it will be gaining a great deal of publicity – but the production quality is not the be all and end all! Remember, the content is the most important thing!

Is there a limit to how much funding we’ve already received from other sources?

No, all organisations are considered.

What if we already receive support from Jack in the box?

You are still able to apply.

My organisation has applied before – can I apply again?

Yes, if you applied and were unsuccessful at being selected for the final twenty in 2014 OR you applied in 2013 or 2012, we would encourage you to apply again.

If you applied in 2012, you will see that we have worked hard at making the application much easier for your organisation as we recognise how valuable your time is and wish to make the process as efficient for all parties as possible.

So in short…

If you applied (and even if you were selected for the final ten) in 2012 or 2013, the good news is you are able to apply again in 2015!

If you were selected for the final 20 in 2014, unfortunately you will have to wait until 2016 to apply again.

Do I have to create a video to make the finalist list?

You will be required to produce a video if you a selected for the final ten. You are given plenty of time to create your production.

How long do I have to enter?

Initial applications close on May 4.

Is there a word limit on my submission?

Yes, all applications have word limits, please refer to the online form for preparing your submission document, which will come with your application pack (Round 2 only).

Can I attach additional information to my submission?

Limited attachments will be accepted. The following will be the only additional information that will be accepted or considered by the judging panel:

Please attach a copy of the relevant page from abr.business.gov.au supplying your incorporation status, ABN and GST status.

The most recent audited financial statements for your organisation.

Letter endorsing the application with director/s signature.

Director signed declaration.

Bank account details

Will you come to our operation?

During ‘The Orange Seed Project’ there will be no need to come to your operation. However, if you are the major gift recipient, we may need to visit your facilities when you are utilising the marketing package. This is usually in the discovery phase of the process and will give Jack in the box a chance to view your organisation to assess your needs.

Who are the Judges?

All applications will be assessed by judges who are highly qualified in the advertising, marketing and community fields. Information on the judges for 2016 will be coming soon!

How can I spend the cash gift?

The cash gift is for the organisation to use in any way they see fit.

I noticed Jack in the box is based in Busselton. Do I have to live or travel to Busselton?

No, if you’re the major gift recipient, Jack in the box is willing to come to you (although Busselton isn’t the worst place to visit!).

What services are included from Jack in the box?

Services eligible are:

  • Planning & Strategic work
  • Market Research
  • Business Planning
  • Facilitation
  • Marketing Audit
  • Promotional Planning
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Promotional
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design
  • Photography
  • Corporate Styling
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Press
  • Web
  • Outdoor – Design only
  • Television – Concept
  • Radio – Concept
  • Campaigning
  • Digital
  • Websites
  • Email Campaigns – Concept Plan
  • SMS Campaigns – Concept Plan
  • App Development – Concept Plan
  • Social Media – Concept Plan
  • Search Engine Marketing – Concept Plan

Find out more at the website – www.thebox.com.au

Who do I contact if I have a question about my submission?

Please email sojuicy@theorangeseedproject.com.au or fill in the form located on the contact page and we will contact you.

Where can I buy tickets to ‘The Orange Tie Event’?

These details have not be released yet, please keep an eye out. A certain number of tickets will be provided free of charge to the Ten Finalist organisations. The number of tickets available will be confirmed closer to the time dependant on the venue.

I’m involved in more than one NFP. Can I enter all of them?

Yes, as long as they all meet the eligibility criteria.